We bought the place back in 1969 from the Eagan family and turned it into an ever changing three ring circus.

Washington State’s first ever drive-through fast food.

First fast food restaurant to incorporate solar power, early 70’s, before most anyone in the country had heard of solar.

Propane run vehicles during the energy crisis of the 70’s.

Composting, recycling, reusing, long before the world understood the need for it, my parents understood. Fast food takes its toll on the environment and to the people that consume it, and they quietly, and without fanfare, set out to do something about it.

We’ve had no bun burgers (salads) since the early 70’s.

Veggie Burgers since the 1969, and for the last decade the vegan Boca patties, as well as Gardien’s award winning Veggie Chicken.

I’ve given talks to busloads of middle school students on the importance of composting, recycling, reusing, solar, and water conservation. My segment on how sexy it is to install dual flush toilet mechanisms is always a crowd pleaser. I’m always upstaged, however, by my father’s SVO (solid vegetable oil – not biodiesel) truck.

50 years, so far, what a ride. Time for a party. I’ll keep you posted.

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